Who we are

OrgyNaija as a private swinger party/Orgy/sex parties organisation, consists of several passionate people about the lifestyle and individual party organisers with a well known reputation in the swinger domain.
We really take pleasure in creating specialized and tailored events for your happiness. We intend to provide nice parties for respectful people and we always make the best effort for it. We mainly organize events in private and luxurious locations in African capitals but also some more specific parties that we can modify to your needs.
Are you passionate about the lifestyle? Want to attend swinger parties/ Mask orgies, sex parties in Nigeria and other parts of Africa? Then OrgyNaija is the place where it all happens. Many kinks, orientations, and realms of intimacy have their own subcultures and as a newcomer or outsider, it can be difficult at first to get the lay of the land.
I encourage you to expand your own personal boundaries, explore your sexuality, and approach new situations with an open mind. Everyone loves the idea of a good party. Attending a festivity that is reeking of music, dance, alcohol, sex and costumes as you let your hair down and cut loose,this is what happens at a Mask Orgy. Regardless of how formal, elite or how much money was spent on a lavish gala in past history, partying and having a good time meant that the occasion was going to get a little wild as people become uninhibited behind their mask and costumes.