How to attend an orgy event / sex party

The terms and conditions of how to attend one of our Nigerian sex parties / masked orgy events is found under the ‘attend next event’ form page of our website. Endeavour to go through the terms thouroughly before paying the membership/pre-booking fees.

Can I watch Nigerian porn videos, sex movies and past orgy videos on here?

Yes you can. Simply click on the ‘get instant access’ link to fill out the subscription form. We upload real and best Naija porn videos, sex movies, pussy porn and a host of nasty videos on a weekly basis. Full access to the contents on the site is offered to subscribers ONLY.

Where is the location of the sex party?

This is a regular question from intending participants. WE DO NOT disclose the exact location to random interested individuals. Those who are keen to attend one of our events, subscribe for a ticket, to get the exact venue. We can’t risk giving out discreet information to just anyone. We host our wild sex orgies in an area with a lot of space, a wide variety of comfortable yet sturdy surfaces, and a good floor plan to accommodate random foot traffic. Security of our members is paramount.

I get a response that username has already been used when I try to login

This happens when you do not complete your subscription registration on the get instant access form. You skipped the registration when you got to the next page. Usernames are automatically created when you fill the form on the first page even without paying. You would not be able to have access to the 9ja porn videos until you complete your payment. To do that, log back in with the username and password you initially created and then select and successfully complete your payment plan. Your profile would be given access to the Naija porn videos, chat with members and many more.

How often you do events like this?

We hold events once in every month. It is normally done on the last Fridays on each month.

What is the risk?

The risk is you have to take responsibility to protect the group/organization for not all the members are single some of the members are married.

How much does the tickets cost for a masked sex party/orgy event?

Tickets costs N8,000 for the audience view, N15,000 for the regular ticket ( which covers participation in the sex party), N25,000 VIP ticket ( Covers participation in the sex party and refereshment). There is a re-booking done online before buying your tickets at the venue. Check the ‘attend next event page’ for specific registration fee for each tickets.

Why do I need to sign up on the site?

So as to enable us have details of you. We need to be sure we are not just inviting an intruder. This enables us reduce the risk of non-members at the event.

Can I pay at the venue?

Yes payments for tickets are done at the venue. But you would need to pre-book on our website by clicking on the ‘attend next event page’ to be able to get the venue details. Pre-booking fees are : N1,000 for the audience view, N15,000 for regular participation and N25,000 for VIP participation.

What are the rules at each event?

Refer to our Rules page to review our detailed party guidelines. What should we bring? If you plan to use the pool or hot tub, it’s recommended that you bring a towel, or you can rent one from the front desk for a small laundry fee. If you plan to stay overnight, it is recommended that you bring a blanket (we have a small supply available at the facility). We provide lots of clean sheets for your playing and sleeping use. It is advised to bring a small duffel bag with you to hold your items. There is a cubbyhole area available in the pool room to store your items. We do not have a locker setup so please do not bring valuables with you into the building. Instead, please lock them in your vehicle but do not set any car alarms. What time do the events start and how late do they go? Our events start at 8:00pm. If it is your first time attending an event, we require you to arrive by about 8:30 pm for the new person orientation which will begin shortly thereafter. It will last approximately 20-30 minutes. The theme portion of the evening generally starts at about 10:00pm. Returning member couples can arrive as late as they wish. There is no fixed time that each event ends. You can spend the night with us at no additional charge. We ask that everyone who spends the night is up and showered and leaving the facility by 10am – 10:30am at the latest.

Can a member couple bring an extra single person to the party?

Yes, single female guests are unrestricted at this time. If you wish to bring an extra male guest to a party, we ask you to do the following. First of all, be sure you have made your reservation (for males). Be sure that you have met in person and are not just on-line friends. This is because we ask you to vouch for their good behavior, and also that they will follow the event and facility rules. Secondly, if you do get permission to bring another man with you then you are giving a 10% discount from his ticket fee. Refer to the NEXT EVENT page for procedures. Single females are always permitted to bring a date with them, but the same rules apply to them as couples – you have met in person, he attends orientation, and then you need to leave together.

What should we wear?

Women wear casual clothing and sexy little outfits and bring lingerie and robes to change into as the evening progresses. Men wear casual clothing and bring robes and towels to change into as the evening progresses. We will occasionally host special themed events, with details for optional dress for that evening. Is food provided? Yes, we have a variety of potluck food and snacksstarting at 8:00 p.m. If you have a potluck item that you would like to bring and share with everyone we would really appreciate it. We provide soft beverages which include soft drinks, coffee and tea. Also a midnight snack to help re-energize everyone, which usually includes platters of fresh sandwiches and hot-out-of-the-oven homemade chocolate chip cookies.

Is smoking allowed at the events?

Not indoors, but we have a covered smoking area on our patio which is just outside the pool and dance area.

What type of people attend the event?

This is very important. We have a diverse group of friendly, social, and open minded people who attend each party. Some of them are experienced in the lifestyle, and some are brand new and just want to observe at first. New couples are always invited to attend any party regardless of the theme, and all themes are optional participation.

Describe the location

There are many fun play rooms, a wonderful heated indoor pool plus hot tub where swimming suits are optional, dance area with great music, and a brass pole often used for erotic fun events. We have two outbuilding cabins, one equipped with a sex swing and the sybian vibrator machine (at most events), and another which can be used as a group or private play area.

Do single females attend?

YES! Almost every party includes several single females. We have many single females who have attended our parties for their first lifestyle event as a single, and some have become regular attendees and staff members.